As those ten minutes do not include unfinished scenes Robots - Bumblebee only in its automotive version of “threatening” the villains with Husky motor - gives you an idea of just relations among humans. Titus Welliver is the leader of the government goons (who wear military type sports cars) in pursuit of Cade, and Kelsey Grammer in the role of director of counterintelligence government Harold Attinger, should be the main human antagonist.

In this nucleus, the main subplot is the effort of the young driver to prove his worth to the father, who has just discovered dating daughter. In the video, the scene where Bumblebee is despised by Transformers designer, Wahlberg calls the car “Bee” and tries to calm him, like Shia LaBeouf previously made??. Everything indicates that the charismatic Autobot will have a new owner over the Age of Extinction. 

Sophia Myles, in the role of an assistant archaeologist Tucci, complete the “tram” the good guys and good guys quasi-which should run from one side to the other throughout the film (Sophia, Tucci, Wahlberg, Peltz and Reynor occupy the old Toyota utility that we saw being used on the set).